Hasten Slowly, Amanda Beckmann’s latest body of work, signifies her confidence and comfort with the artistic process. Her debut solo exhibit last year was a complete success; ironic considering its title, Failure is an Option, which referred to Beckmann’s realization that she had to ignore her anal instincts and take a few risks. This animated short, So It Goes, brings the artist’s collages to life in a new, exciting way.

Exhibit In A Minute™ is our latest Web feature introducing new artists, movements, themes and styles. Experience an entire exhibit in just a few short minutes!

Los Angeles-based artist Enrique Castrejon creates beautifully mesmerizing artworks inspired by images of beauty, popular culture, politics and sex. This video introduces Castrejon’s drawing methodology and philosophy.

Comic book legend, Stan Lee announced his latest project Time Jumper at 2009’s San Diego Comic Con International. Below are videos of my interview with him.

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